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How To Profit On Amazon By Selling Name Brand Products… 
With ZERO Advertising Spend, Without New Products, and Without Creating New Listings!

Did you know that you can actually build a profitable Amazon FBA business by selling products people ALREADY want to BUY?
And these products are big brand name products (products like Beats by Dr. Dre, Apple, etc.).
These are products people already know, products that are ALREADY selling.
You see, many Amazon sellers are struggling right now…
Because people are telling them they need to either create something completely new, or worse…
Dropship the cheapest items they can find on Alibaba.
Why reinvent the wheel with a new product? Or settle for the low quality products from Alibaba?
Because you know what, you do not need to do any of that to succeed on Amazon.
Hi, my name is Beau Crabill – and in just a few minutes, I will be showing how YOU can sell brand name products on Amazon…
But first, let me tell you a story about how this all started with a pair of socks… (don’t worry, it relates a LOT to what you’ll be learning).
So, in the 8th grade Nike came out with some new socks called “Nike Elite Socks”.
These socks cost $12 a pair but that did not stop anyone from buying them.
People loved these socks and wanted as many as possible, but there was one problem – there were only 4 colors available…
So I saw the demand and had an amazing idea… “What if I dyed these white and black socks into different colors and sold them?”
It seemed like a great idea to me, so I went ahead and bought 6 pairs of Nike Elite socks and some dye (with money I saved up picking up dog poop from my neighbors yard!)
The next day, I went to school and sold ALL 6 PAIRS FOR $25! That’s $150!
All kids at school went crazy over these! And I made $1,200 before the principal told me I had to stop selling on school grounds. 
And this is what got me into selling products online…
In fact… I became so committed to building this business, I turned down a $70,000 athletic scholarship…

So, you’re probably wondering “Beau, this is great, but what does this have to do with selling with Amazon FBA?”
Well, the answer is simple. EVERYTHING.
  •  Buy Low…
  •  Sell High…
  •  AND Sell What People Are Already Buying From A Trusted Source! 
This sounds simple…
But you wouldn’t believe how many Amazon sellers aren’t following these principles and still wondering why they aren’t seeing success.
Now, the business model I’m about to show you is very, very simple. And it’s very scalable. 
But, let me be clear about what this business model is NOT.
It is NOT dropshipping products from Alibaba.
It is NOT about buying products, private-labelling them, and wasting money on PPC ads building your ‘brand’.
It is NOT dumpster-diving looking for the cheapest products and spending hours creating listings and descriptions.
The model I’m about to you show you is an old and proven system – but for some reason, people have forgotten about it.
What am I talking about?
I am talking about RETAIL. More specifically, online retail. 
When you think about it, Amazon is basically a large ONLINE SHOPPING MALL.
And when you sell on Amazon, you can choose what type of business you want to have.
You can open up your own shop, build and sell your own products, promote your own brand – like a Mom-and-Pop shop.
You can open up a store and sell other PROVEN and TRUSTED brand-name products  – like large retail stores (Walmart, Macy’s, Target, etc.)
Now, you’ve probably heard the statistics about how 95% of businesses fail…
How many of the 95% do you think were Mom-and-Pop shops and how many of those were retail stores? 
So with that in mind, which type of business would you want?
I don’t know about you, but for me I would choose the RETAIL STORE every single time.
But you might be thinking, “Beau, that sounds great – but not everyone has the money to start a retail store like Walmart.” 
Well, you’re right. And you’re wrong.
You see, Walmart has to pay for a LOT of expenses and infrastructure to make their business profitable.
Employees, warehouse, customer service, delivery… and not to mention the actual cost of the products…
BUT, that’s the beauty of starting an Amazon FBA business online.
There’s NO warehouse, NO employees, NO customer service costs…
All of this is taken care of by Amazon FBA!
And if you want to know which products are the BEST to sell…
I go over all of that and more on the video below. Check it out!

I’ve spent the past decade of my life learning about ecommerce and building my business into what it is today. And now I want to show you how you can do it too.

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